Our company, which started to operate in the textile sector in Istanbul Eminönü in 1986, started to develop its technological infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the age since the early 2000s. It continues to operate in the children’s clothing sector by bringing together its knowledge and infrastructure, which it has gained since 1986, under the name of G-SERKO as of 2003.

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Our collections are specially prepared in a unique way, taking into account the trends of that year.


All the fabrics we use in our collections are carefully selected considering factors such as season, comfort and longevity.


Accessories used for every product in our collections; It is selected individually, taking into account all details such as gender, age, design and fabric.


We control our products meticulously at every stage of production and offer you the best quality and faultless products possible.

Wide Collection

 While creating Season Collections, we take care to create different models that will meet all needs.

Washing and Ironing

All of our products that come off the production line are put into washing and ironing before they reach the packaging stage.

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2020 Spring - Summer Season

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